Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Words to the School Board

My favourite digital activity has been keeping up a personal blog. This is something I would’ve never done before due to lack of interest and things to write about, but having some guidance when it comes to what is necessary to post has made it much more manageable. For our personal blog additions, we have full creative freedom, meaning that we can discuss whatever it is that interests us and watch our blogs grow, so it’s nice not to be limited to specific topics, writing forms, etc. Something surprising that I’ve learned about the digital world is that social media can be used for much more than just communication and entertainment. One can share useful facts, their talents, and even educate others through it. It was Twitter that led to this revelation. A recommendation of mine would be to open up Wi-Fi to students. This course has been a little challenging with many sites being blocked and the lack of computer availability on a daily basis. I feel like many students would benefit from being able to connect to Wi-Fi and so many things wouldn’t be left to be done at home, making it easier to focus on the point of the course and keeping up in general. My last comment about the course is how much it has changed my writing. I’ve never been comfortable with writing my views or opinions, and this course took me out of my comfort zone and opened me up a little bit. It is also one of the only classes that has touched me on a more personal level and provoked thought while serving as a bit of inspiration for my life.

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