Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bucket List - Final Project

Author’s Note:

As the average high school student, I’m living a life that is routine and simply… ordinary. There are days when repetition and a lack of inspiration make me forget why we’re here; why I’m here. We get stuck in our day-to-day lives. We look past the fact that the world is a vast and interesting place and there are so many things to try, to see, and to explore. We need to remind ourselves that there’s much more to life - we shouldn’t be wasting it away!

This is where the bucket list came in. Originally starting off as yet another school assignment, my bucket list grew and formed into something much bigger – an idea of where and who I want to be in life. Varying from silly things such as number 46. Learn to crack eggs with one hand, to something like number 25. Have a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan during the blooming season (which will require quite a bit more time and effort to accomplish,) my bucket list is a collection of (random) things I’d like to do before I die.


The actual (and much more time consuming) BL project of mine is in the form of a scrapbook. Since that is rather difficult to share through the internet, I have put together an Animoto version of it. Enjoy!

My Bucket List

Now What:

I am hoping that this bucket list can serve as every day inspiration for me. It can remind me to stay on track and to keep striving for what’s important - achieving my goals. Throughout the years, I am almost certain that my bucket list will change. Things will be modified, crossed off, and added, making my bucket list “never ending". I guess that's the beauty of it. As we grow up, we change and evolve, and the list will be able to evolve with me.

So far, only one item has officially been crossed off my bucket list - 3. Be reunited with the boy I love (01/01/13.) When the project started, this was one of the first things that came to mind, but it was extremely hazy and not probable. Over the course of a few months, things started to come together and eventually something that seemed so out of reach became real. To me, this has been proof not to underestimate the power of human will and capability. If you want something badly enough, you’ll have hope and will strive to get it.

There are numerous items that I'm currently in the process of accomplishing. One that is extremely meaningful to me – 1. Visit my family in Russia after 10 years of not seeing them – is actually going to happen… in July! My mom and I just booked the flight tickets a few days ago, and what's also really neat about this trip is the fact that we'll be stopping in Amsterdam for four nights. This means that I get to see a new part of Europe, which is close to another item on my list (23. Euro trip.) There are also many little things that I have been thinking about doing. For example, number 61. Become a red head. is only the perfect hair dye away! (I've been looking for a red-orange dye that's ammonia free and comes out after 28 washes, but haven't had much luck so far.) I also have my eye on a new workplace... Now all I have to do is charm them with no help from my extremely dull resume, get the new job, and I'll be able to cross off 21. Quit my part-time retail job.

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