Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Six Word Memoir #1

Photo Credit: Paulo N.
There was a point when I truly started to doubt the existance of love. I assumed that people grew up, hit an age when it was no longer socially acceptable to be single and ready to mingle, and settled. The thought of this made me cringe. Growing up, you hear so many fairy tales about finding true love and the one person that means the world to you (among many other cheesy lines/cliches) that having reality hit you in the face is rather... hard. My negative view of this changed drastically in the last eight months, hence the message in this memoir. The image I chose to represent the six words is very meaningful to me, as it was the person that had sent it to me that completely changed my views on the subject of love. During (what we thought was) one of our last days together, him and I discovered that we both have a passion for jigsaw puzzles that goes back to our childhood. He had mentioned that his mother didn't get it and never bought them for him, so as a parting gift, I had given him this puzzle (I couldn't find one of NYC.) The photo above is the completed puzzle.

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