Thursday, January 24, 2013

Six Word Memoir #6

Photo Credit: Jane R.

Last summer, I flew over to Quebec City for a five week program called Explore. The point of the program is to be living in a French speaking environment while attending classes and participating in various activities that are also in the French language. I spent most of my down time walking down the little streets of Old Quebec and simply taking in all the beautiful scenery around me. I concluded that Quebec is like a little piece of France within Canada, after seeing the huge European influence on the city and its people. The more time I spent exploring (ha ha, pun not intended) the city, the more deeply I fell in love with it. I felt truly at ease with being in this new place, and for once, felt like I belonged somewhere. I assumed that I could easily blend in as a French girl, just walking around, going to the local boulangerie, eating gelato (which was everywhere in Quebec, despite its Italian origin), kind of like I actually lived there. It’s a little silly because I used to always tell my mom that I will live in Quebec City at some point in my life (without having seen it in person,) and the trip just confirmed this desire of mine.

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