Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Thoughts

Favourite Assignment? Why?

My favourite assignment was definitely putting together the bucket list. I found that the introduction of the unit with the Buried Life show and book really inspired me to make a list that’s not only personal, but also sincere. It was a nice change not to have to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of reflection, and the list came to me easily. The final bucket list project was also really rewarding to complete, as it was a step towards the “Now What?” for me. It made me feel that much more ready to get out there and actually take action when it comes to completing the items. In general, I probably learned more about myself through this project than any of the others.

Least Favourite Assignment? Why?
My least favourite assignment(s) would probably be the reading reflections. I found that they dragged on and on, and I could never finish them in the class time provided. It was difficult to figure out what to discuss and I never knew what was expected of me when it comes to them.

Friday Reading?

I actually really enjoyed the Friday reading periods! They were a very nice way to both start off a Friday morning, and to finish up the week. I liked being in the loop and always prepared for what’s happening during our Friday classes.

Monday Written Reflection?
I didn’t mind the written reflections we did based on our assignments. It was a good opportunity to conclude our assignments, explain ourselves, and share our thoughts about them in general.

The WRN?

I think the fact that I had to ask Taylor “What is the WRN?” is an answer to this question all on its own. When the WRN was introduced, I had assumed that I’d be doing the majority of my work and planning in it. I attempted to use it a couple of times, and eventually caved into the world of technology. I found the WRN very convenient for the sake of taking notes and referring back to them, but otherwise, not much writing was done in it.


Blogging became fun once it was second nature. Just like Twitter, it was rather overwhelming at first. I didn’t know what may or may not have been significant enough to blog about, and the full creative freedom was too much. In the end, it was really neat to see a blog come together so quickly – especially one that is reflective of me as a person.

I really didn’t expect to enjoy it. At first, I found the vast world of Twitter to be a little scary and overwhelming. Once I got used to it and realized just how casual it is, I started to appreciate and respect it a little more. I had always assumed that Twitter could only be used for insignificant things like updating people on what it is you’re eating (or maybe that’s Instagram?) However, I was pleasantly surprised with what you can find out and how productive you can be on Twitter.

The integration of technology into the course?

I thought that the integration of technology into the course was very well done; especially considering the restrictions placed on us when it came to the lack of Wi-Fi, school division security block of certain sites, etc. We were creative (pun not intended) and managed to get around these things!

What you learned about yourself as a reader, writer, and thinker, creator?

I’ve learned that some forms of writing are actually enjoyable and are great for self-expression. I also found out that despite being a rather private person, sharing some of my work with the public can be beneficial.

Comments/Compliments/Constructive criticism for Ms. McLauchlan about the course

Though not what I expected when hearing the name “Creative Writing”, the course was very interesting and different from anything else I’ve seen in high school. I will definitely take many of the ideas and inspiration with me, and feel like I’ve figured out a new little piece of myself through the course. It would be really nice to get some more time in class for reading others’ blogs to get inspiration as well as feedback.

Thank you, Ms. McLauchlan!

Advice for future CW students?

Keep up with your work! It is so stressful to have missing assignments pile up (as it would be in any course, but I guess this is the first time I’ve really experienced it.) Also, don’t be afraid to share your personal thoughts, experiences, and ideas. That’s what the course is for. Keep in mind that incorporating cats into your assignments will probably give you bonus marks... All in all, good luck!

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