Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Six Word Memoir #2

Photo Credit: Jordan M.
After seeing a bit of a serious and gloomy theme among my memoirs, I had decided that it was time to brighten things up. The best part: the memoir itself is still a real confession. Before the creation of the memoir, I stumbled upon this photo and reminisced about the situation. My workplace received plenty of new stock, which included an iPhone 4 case of a bejeweled camel head... that I enjoyed a little too much. Not being able to convince my sister to use it, I was daydreaming about how entertaining it would be to whip that thing out of your bag/pocket in the middle of a public place. Out of curiosity of how weird that would look, I modeled the case for a coworker who then used his iPhone to take the photo. This was the closest I've ever been to setting my mind on buying an iPhone, thank you fancy camel head. Finding this rather humorous, I decided to make a memoir out of it. Having a six word limit, I was forced to cut out the subject (I). I assumed this wouldn't be an issue since I'm in the photograph.

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