Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Personal Addition #11 - Bell Pepper Egg

The first time I stumbled upon this was on iwastesomuchtime.com. Thinking that this is an easy, visually appealing cooking idea, I decided to try it out... With my own twist!

I am a huge fan of quick, healthy, and filling meals that just about anyone can make for themselves. One of my favourite lunch options is the mushroom omelette. Adding the bell pepper ring to it not only gives it a funky appearance but also gives people the option of using it as a patty.

- egg(s)
- sliced mushrooms (preferably brown)
- a little bit of salt and pepper
- pepper ring, your choice of colour
- some dill/parsley/other greens (optional)

I feel like this would be a great burger option for vegetarians. Both the egg and mushroom provide one with protein, and cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sauce, or other burger/sandwich toppings can be added. Put that between some whole grain (possibly toasted) buns, and you've got yourself an awesome meal! (Or just make a side salad, which is what I did) ---->

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