Sunday, December 2, 2012

Writing Reflection #9 – Twitter Fiction Check-In

At the time this photo was taken, I had approximately 10/30 tweets. My original plan was to write an extended story, which I spent all my class time planning and putting together. Very last minute, I had realized that this story wasn’t a very good one. It didn’t have much substance to it and was difficult to put together in tweet form, especially in such a way that the tweets flow from one to another while still making sense as individual ideas. Around this time, I got to read some of my classmates’ work and was drawn to the VSS. With the VSS, I got to cover many different topics and use humor whenever I wanted. I’m glad I made the change because I now feel much more confident about my work, and in the end, I got to experience both forms of writing. I already had all of my images chosen for the extended story, so I got to incorporate one of those in my VSS (refer to grocery store tweet.) Otherwise, I simply created them as I wrote my twitter fiction. Something that I have yet to check off the “to do” list is character development. I’ve been finding it a little challenging with the VSS, but hopefully it’ll all work out in the end. Another challenge I had is fitting an entire story within the 140 character limit. I had used my phone to check the number of characters in my tweets as I was writing them, but had to cut out many words and use slang once I got to the posting portion of the assignment. This editing is represented by the red ink in the picture above. I’m not sure whether this was a result of human or phone error, but it was simply another obstacle I had to face. On the other hand, something that has been very easy for me is finding a significant “so what” in almost all of my tweets.

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