Monday, December 3, 2012

Personal Addition #4 - Holiday Spirit

Work/homework/my dad’s birthday aside, a good chunk of my weekend was dedicated to doing festive things. This included baking cookies, painting mini snowmen figures, and my new favourite, holiday card making. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been into giving store-bought cards for any occasion. Instead, I spent hours upon hours working and putting together the ideal card for a specific person. What was different about card making this time around was the fact that the cards were mass produced. I had incorporated different paper, packaging, and fabric I had lying around the house or saved for future use. In the end, the cards turned out lovely (if I do say so myself,) but it felt more like an artsy craft rather than an artistic, time-consuming challenge. The company of friends helped too! It was an activity during which we could catch up and chat, and seemed much more productive than watching She’s The Man for the tenth time. I’m very excited about being able to give out more cards this holiday season, and about the fact that I’ve recycled things that most people would throw out and created something useful.

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