Monday, December 17, 2012


1. She used to tell me stories of the past. How she met my gfather, her adventures as a young girl... It fascinated me, yet it was all untrue.

 2. "Trust me," he said. His eyes were focused on mine, gleaming like a child's on Xmas morning. I agreed, though it didn't feel right. #vss

 3. He got down on one knee. She'd been waiting for this moment her entire life. Stubborn shoe lace dealt with, he stood up and carried on. #vss

 4. She licked her upper lip, the salty taste of sweat filling her mouth. -30 pounds later, she felt indifferent. #twitterfiction

5. The girl's bloody scream echoed in my mind. I forced my legs to run in the sound's direction. The spider was killed and peace was restored.

6. "Mom?!" I shouted loudly across the large store. The isles seemed to have no end, much like tunnels. How am I supposed to find her now?  

7. "What do you like about bagels?" asked Johnny's mom with a chuckle. "The hole," he replied. "It's just as empty as I am," said the 9yo. #vss

8. While making polite conversation with my date I came to the realization that I have more chemistry with the waiter. #vss
9. Walk up the steps, throw the coins in, greet the bus driver... "You have beautiful eyebrows," he says. "Umm... Thanks?" #vss #twitterfiction

10. "Hey guys, I love this song! What is it?" "I don't know, it's your iPod. Share an earphone." #vss #twitterfiction #twisters
11. Waking up to the earthy, familiar scent is her favourite way to start the morning. #coffee #vss #twitterfiction
12. Belt in hand, the old man forcefully grabbed his son by the arm. Skin red and stinging, the boy fearfully carried on in silence. #vss
13. The roads were hectic, the snowstorm only making me more anxious. Everything could go wrong in a glimpse of a second.
14. "There are no words to describe how much of an impact you've made in my life," she admitted. "Don't leave me." #vss #twitterfiction
15. Cigarette in hand, she pushed the stroller towards the liquor store. The baby was the consequence of one of many bad habits. #vss
16. Grabbing some frozen yogurt at the movie theatre. He hands the cashier a card. Aww, how sweet. He's trying to pay. He yells, "SCENE points!"
17. There's something so beautiful about the billowing grey smoke being released from the old factory, I thought while driving by in my hybrid.
18. At the party. Drinking to look cool. Drank too much, acted like a fool. #vss #twitterfiction
19. His watch glistened in the light. Rolex. Freshly stolen from the men's locker room. He's from a well off family, no one would assume. #vss
20. Identify the body - cold, dead. White sheet lifted. Not my brother. #twitterfiction #vss
21. He was silky to the touch; fur white as snow. She wished he was with her, and not just all over her black pants. #cats
22. The world would continue spinning with or without her. This thought was encouraging her to make a lethal mistake. #vss #twitterfiction
23. Shivering with cold sweat, he made his way across the dark alley. Paranoia had him watching his back, while fear helped him hold the knife.
24. Nothing like the warm, pleasant feeling of the blanket cocoon that's your bed. This feeling is intensified 100x with the morning alarm. #vss

25. "It's not you, it's me," she said and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. The mark of red lipstick was all he had left of her. #vss

26. Her plaid pj bottoms and UGGs combo didn't give me the impression of carelessness. It was laziness she seemed to portray. #twitterfiction

27. The new city made her feel disoriented and out of place. Why did they have to move again? #twitterfiction #vss
28. Music playing, candles lit, romantic bath for two. He forms a Santa beard with the bubbles, I knew this would fall through. #vss #twisters
29. Concentrated, serious, ready for battle. It's war. No, it's the mathematics exam. #twitterfiction #twisters
30. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who fell in love. The love was considered invalid since the joker was not brave enough. #vss

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