Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly Reflection #6

Question #1

This question is rather difficult to answer considering the fact that I only vaguely know what I want to do with my post-high school life. I am certain that university and travel will be playing a large role in the matter, however I’m not too sure as to how I can connect these things to my blog. An obvious way of looking at it would be considering the relationship between my blog and my final grade in the course – which will then affect my post-secondary education in terms of scholarships. My blog is a direct representation of my work in this course as well as my personality, so keeping the blog up to date, interesting, and intelligent should lead to success in the course. This can help me keep up a high average, which should then help me obtain some good entry scholarships as well as apply for ones that are not automatic. My hope is that the money saved through these scholarships could be used towards exploring and traveling the world. This has the potential to open up my eyes to new things and help me grow as a person.

Question #2
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Question #3
The first comment I posted was on Sarah’s blog. As soon as I read the word “Hogwarts”, I knew the post would be one I’d enjoy. The picture stood out to me because of the contrast between the dark background and bright candles, which was probably another factor that initially captured my attention. After having read the post, I realized that this six word memoir was different than most that I’ve previously encountered. It was silly and humorous, and left me feeling like I got to know a new part of Sarah. This impressed me and I decided to leave a quick comment telling Sarah just that.

The second comment I wrote was on Elijah’s blog post. Adding on to the Harry Potter theme, he discussed the fifth novel in his reflection. What I found rather neat was his comparison between the novel and movie. I have never read the books myself, but Elijah’s post made me think about doing just that. I also have to give Elijah some credit because he spiced up his reflection by finding something to discuss besides his questions and predictions for the book. I find that my work can get a little dry when I just follow the plan, so seeing what Elijah did was a bit of inspiration to go outside the box.
The last comment I posted was on Taylor’s blog. This post was not Harry Potter themed, but instead it was something I could really relate to. Tay discussed the future and career paths, which is something that is currently going through most of the minds of the grade twelve students. This subject is haunting me a little bit in the sense of not knowing what path I want to take or how I want to get there. Just like Tay, I don’t want to make the wrong choice and wind up being unhappy. I also considered becoming a teacher myself, but I don’t feel like I have the right qualities to be doing that, and I don’t think that it’s something I’d enjoy. I feel like sometimes it can be nice hearing that people are “in the same boat” as yourself, so I left Tay a comment mentioning something along those lines.

I left comments on whatever posts caught my eye. They were things I could relate to or topics I’m interested in. A good comment tends to be one that starts discussion/a train of thought and is a bit lengthier than a couple of words. As long as it’s appropriate, humor can be used for the sake of entertainment.  Constructive criticism is always helpful to the author of the blog post as it may lead to improvement. A bad comment is one that has no point, is unpleasant, and/or doesn’t make sense. We are human and typing/spelling errors do occur, but quickly proof reading before clicking “Send” could save us a lot of trouble and explaining in the long run. Commenting benefits both the viewer that’s leaving comments as well as the person receiving the comments. The viewer gets to express his/her opinions, share ideas, and ask questions for a better understanding of the post, while the receiver gets feedback on what he/she is doing, provides the audience with some explanation, and may potentially receive some praise.

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