Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Addition #1 - Fireworks

"Cosmic Fireworks" by Jeanine Malaney
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This piece of artwork combines three of my favourite things - watercolour, the sky, and fireworks. I have to give the artist, Jeanine Malaney, a lot of credit because she combined them in such a beautiful way. She managed to create contrast between the white of the canvas/watercolour paper and the paint itself in a very realistic way, which is rather difficult, as I've learned from personal experience. I love the way she let different colours run and blend with one another, causing a smoky and neat effect. This painting is proof to me when it comes to just how flexible one medium can be.

Something to think about...
Why are we so fascinated by lights exploding in the sky? Fireworks seem to have the ability to make just about anyone quiet down, stop, and stare. Though we mostly use them for entertainment purposes these days, some research (thank you, tells me that they originated in China and were often used for ceremonial and religious purposes as well. This is quite interesting to me because it seems like there are so many things that society does and sees on a day to day basis, while not considering what influenced these things or where they came from. For example, did you know that body modifications and piercings were once used as sacrifice to the "higher spirits" or God(s)?

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