Thursday, November 15, 2012

Personal Addition #2 - Intro to Seriously... I'm Kidding

I haven’t had cable at home for about a year now. It was never put to good use by anyone besides my dad, who would turn on the weather channel or the news and doze off within ten minutes. Correction: it was never put to good use. This is why when I’m in need of some relax time (especially before work), I tend to surf the Internet for some videos, funny facts, entertainment, etc. Lately I’ve been finding myself watching a lot of Ellen’s videos on Youtube, mostly because it’s a nice way to unwind without spending an entire hour committed to one episode of a show. She is also extremely funny and tends to leave me in a positive and appreciative mood, which is always a plus. This was probably the reason as to why immediately picked up her novel Seriously... I'm Kidding when I spotted it a few weeks ago at Costco. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised! (Stay tuned for a reading reflection with reasoning.)

P.S. I've only recently learned that there is a technical term for folding over the corner of a page in a book. It's called "dog-earing" and I decided to share this newly learned wisdom with you because I feel as though as it relates to Creative Writing. The fact that I love dogs may have had a bit to do with it too.

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