Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reading Reflection #7


Author: Keri Smith

Pages Read (but not completed): all

The first thing I noticed about the book is that it was “dedicated to perfectionists all over the world” which definitely applies to me. As much as I love being spontaneous and trying new things, flipping through the pages of WRECK THIS JOURNAL made me realize that I’d probably have a lot of difficulty doing many of the tasks assigned for the wrecking process. I have a feeling that I’d be much too focused on making the book nice, which completely defeats the purpose of letting loose and making a mess while doing so.

Despite this, I do think that the book is a really cool idea. It is quirky and made me giggle (whether the author intended this or not.) Some of the tasks were a little much, which makes me wonder whether anyone actually does them (“shower with the journal” for example). I also wonder whether anyone has finished all of the tasks… or if this journal is one of those things that never comes to an end. (It asks you to list more ways to wreck it, so it could potentially go on forever.)

Here are some of my favourite pages that I’d like to share with you…

“Scribble wildly using only borrowed pens. (document where they were borrowed from.)” – I feel like this is one of those things that would be rather entertaining to go back to and read/look at. For once you’d get to be the unprepared pen borrower and you can get creative and take the challenge further than expected. (For example, only borrow pens from bank tellers or library staff. Make them question what you are doing with their writing utensils.)

“*Note: If found, flip to a page randomly, follow the instructions, then return.” – I’m curious as to whether a stranger would really do this. I guess it all depends on whose hands the journal ends up in. Imagine finding a masterpiece or something that is just extremely odd in your book and how interesting that would be. This got me thinking a little bit… What if you share the journal with some friends or even your class? People could take turns taking the journal home and do whatever interests them. It could be a group effort! (Kind of like the silly story writing when one person writes a sentence, folds it over, and passes it to the next person to do the same. In the end everyone is laughing due to the lack of sense it makes, but it’s still enjoyable.)

“Collect fruit stickers here.” – I know someone that did that on the inside of their locker door. It makes for a lovely collage, and gives purpose to fruit stickers (outside of the grocery store, that is.)

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