Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reading Reflection #5

Book: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Oskar Schell's iPhone

1. iCreate: An app that allows one to unleash their inner inventor and keep track of their ideas. Oskar can use this to organize his many inventions to ensure that he doesn’t forget them.

2. English/French Dictionary: Improve your English/French skills with the definitions and translations of this app. Oskar can use this towards his studies of the French language as well as to improve his vocabulary span by learning new, complicated English words.

3. NY Maps: The 2012 edition of New York Maps is better than ever! Oskar can better familiarize himself with the city and get directions to the homes of all the people with the last name Black, making his adventure slightly easier.

4. Notepad: An app that allows the user to write down ideas, memos, and jot down quick thoughts. Oskar’s grandpa a.k.a. the renter can use this to communicate with Oskar without wasting paper.

5. Hamlet: The famous play written by William Shakespeare is now available in app form! This will help Oskar learn his (few) lines and actions for the school play.

6. New York Times: New York’s best newspaper in app form. Oskar can fill himself in on the current news and correct the grammatical errors in the paper, just like he used to with his father.
7. iTambourine: An interactive app to help one master an instrument that dates back to ancient times while improving rhythm. Oskar can shake his iTambourine to calm himself down in times that he has “heavy boots” or feels nervous.
8. Astrofax: New and improved Astrofax is an app that provides the reader with over 10,000 facts about space and astronauts. Oskar can improve his knowledge on these topics (which he’s greatly interested in) with the use of this app.
9. Juicy Juice: The public’s favourite juice brand now has its own app! Oskar can use this to look up nutritional facts, get updated on new flavours, and locate stores that sell his go-to beverage.
10. Black Pages: A more specific version of the classic “Yellow Pages”, Black Pages provides the user with the contact information of all the people in the city with the last name Black. Oskar can use this to track down the people that may help him find the missing lock for his key.
11. Walkie Talkie: A telephone-like app that mimics the traditional walkie-talkie and connects to walkie-talkies for communication purposes. Oskar can easily talk to his grandma with this app, especially late at night when he is having trouble sleeping.
12. Snail Mail: An app that allows the user to keep track of incoming and outgoing letters and parcels. Oskar has been sending many letters since his father passed away, and can keep track of them and check their status with this app.
13. Grandpa’s Camera: A photo viewer that allows the app user to create albums from the iPhone camera as well as other photo-taking devices. Oskar can transfer the photos he takes from his grandpa’s old camera to his iPhone and create albums of his adventures.
14. Beatles Music: A wide range of songs and old videos of the world-renowned band The Beatles. Oskar can consider this app a part of his Beatles memorabilia collection.

iPhone Appearance

Oskar's iPhone is white to match his all white wardrobe. At 93%, the phone is almost fully charged since Oskar is a responsible boy and would most likely be rather OCD about keeping the battery at a rather high percentage. Oskar's iPhone case is a map of Central Park since the place is extremely significant to him and connects to his father. The park is a place that Oskar spent hours upon hours exploring - digging up objects in hope of finding the right one and finishing an expedition game that his father created for him. (map based on

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