Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rambling Autobiography

Hey, I'm Jane. Coincidentally enough, my last name looks a lot like my country of origin. It's also a type of rabbit in Russian. I chew half pieces of gum because I find the full ones to be too much of a mouthful. My most comfortable footwear is often referred to as "granny bowling shoes". When I was young, my cousin stood on a balcony and used a watering can to soak me while telling me to grow like a flower. I have extremely high standards for myself. I use the word "chicken" as a pet name for my dog... you are what you eat. I can't go a few hours without putting on lip balm. My most evident passion is tea. I can walk for hours upon hours... it's my favourite mode of transportation. I am one of 7,071,909,976 people in this world, however, I aspire to be much more significant than that.

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